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With a huge coastline and some of the best beaches in the world, Florida has many beautiful and peaceful places to enjoy sun, sand and sea. There is another reason to worship the iconic Daytona Beach resort: I love its unsurpassed nightlife. I know I can change things that I can't do. I'm not sure what to do. M i love not only the beach and the beaches of Florida, but there is always something going on at Daytona Beach. And often it has something to do with cars, or at least with me.

The Daytona Beach area is a diverse area of interest and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Florida.

There are also exciting events throughout the area, including the annual Daytona Beach Music Festival and Daytona International Speedway. And then there are the great beaches of Daytona and its beautiful beaches that attract people from all over the world. Visit the larger Daytona Beach area for motorcycle events such as Bike Week and Biketoberfest. The biggest event of the year has become one of my favorite motorcycle festivals in the world, where thousands of motorcycle fans brave the wet weather in Florida and run wild on Daytona Island for 10 days.

The Daytona Beach Boardwalk is a popular activity where you can spend your day strolling along the coast and enjoying a carnival outing. This unique experience can be enjoyed from a number of driving zones in a number of locations, including the boardwalk, the beach and even the Daytona International Speedway parking lot.

Central and East Florida Day Trips is a page on our website that contains a map listing all of our selected day trips to and from Daytona.

Holly Hill and Ormond Beach, bordered by Holly Hill Park to the north and Lake Okeechobee and Daytona Beach Golf Course to the south. HollyHill and Ormond Beach to the south, with a few miles of boardwalk along the east side of the park, bordered to the north by Holly Hill in Ormon Beach and to the west by the west.

Daytona Beach is served by Greyhound Bus Lines, which has a terminal at Daytona Beach International Airport on the east side of the park, south of Holly Hill Park. It is considered the second largest bus terminal in the USA after New York's JFK Airport. Daytona Island, Florida: Daytona Beach is served by greyhound bus lines, and Grey Hound Bus Line has terminals in Daytona and Ormond Beach, as well as St. Petersburg, Miami and Orlando.

Daytona Beach is served by Amtrak, and Amtrak serves Daytona Beach as a stop on the Atlantic Coast, as well as on the New York - New Jersey line and the Miami - Florida line. Daytona Island, Florida: Daytona Beach is served by tram, with stops in St. Petersburg, Miami and Orlando, as well as a terminal at Daytona International Airport.

The DeLand - Daytona Beach service is a taxi rank, not a bus, provided by the Florida Department of Transportation (Florida Highway Patrol) and the Florida State Transportation Authority. De Land, Florida: The De Land and Daytona Beach Services are taxis and taxis instead of buses that provide a shuttle service between the two cities, as well as between Daytona and St. Petersburg and between Miami and Orlando.

Passenger air traffic is conducted at Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB), the second largest airport in the United States located south of the city of Daytona, Florida, near the intersection of I-95 and Interstate 95. The airlines operate from the Florida State Transportation Authority's Miami-Dade County Convention Center and Daytona Airport, while Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) is a private airport with its own terminal and parking.

We flew from Orlando Airport to Daytona Beach, which is about an hour and a half drive south of Orlando International Airport. We stayed with Dan's grandmother, who actually lived in the city, and his parents and their two children.

Daytona Beach has a population of about 1.5 million people and is the second largest city in the United States after New York City, which had 590,289 residents in 2010. That's a lot of people for a small town, but not as many as it used to be, especially in a city with so many inhabitants.

Pleasant weather - year-round, attracting visitors from many parts of the country, including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. But these popular reasons for visiting Daytona Beach only scratch the surface of what residents enjoy here year-round. See the passions we have here at Daytona Beach and around, as well as some of our favorite foods and drinks.

This resurrected destination on the east coast of Florida is made up of eight distinct communities and there are plenty of opportunities to explore the area, from the beach to the beaches and the many attractions of the city. For a taste of some of these offerings, head to the Daytona Beach Food & Wine Festival, the state's largest food and beverage festival.

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More About Daytona Beach