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The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the hotel was the sign with the Hyatt Place brand, recognized by J.D. Power as one of the top 10 hotels in the world in terms of customer service. As someone who has stayed at this hotel before, I have certainly said it many times, but as others have told me, poor service can make a stay in the best hotels considerably worse, but excellent service will offset many disadvantages.

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The rooms are very comfortable and have all the amenities you would expect, including the possibility to accommodate all the travel electronics. They appear to have been recently refurbished and include a fitness and business centre, which complements the accommodation, and a Skype-enabled conversation room. The staff at the hotel's Customer Service Center (Customer Service) were very helpful and lent us some basic office equipment and a stapler when we needed it. This was helpful when I had articles that needed to be scanned in PDF, which I could not do in the business centers that lacked this capability.

Property should be allowed to add a little more, something that reflects the area in which they are located, and not just for their own sake.

The kitchen doesn't make much difference when the focus is on the beach, surf and sun. Hyatt Place Daytona Beach is recommended if you are looking for a great place to surf, enjoy a light drink or enjoy a good meal with a good ocean view and some great views. If you are right on the beaches, you can also enjoy light drinks at the hotel bar and restaurant.

The mix of wheat and lager malt plays a key role in making a good choice at any time, but the extended mash process combined with the combination of hops, malt, yeast, water, hops and malt extract results in a smooth, refreshing beer with few carbohydrates.

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The staff, almost all young, is generally friendly and welcomes you with a smile and appreciation when you get into the elevator in the morning to have your coffee or return to the day, and is generally very friendly. Only one employee even bothered to find out my name after I had been there for three full weeks. I was one of the guests who stayed only three or four days, but if you had a longer stay, you could imagine a little more imagination in the kitchen. J.D. Power said: "I was expecting an experience that can honestly be described as upmarket. Hyatt Place is recommended because it has beautiful physical plants that people are comfortable with and strive to be helpful and friendly.

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