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Daytona Beach may be one of Florida's most famous beaches, but this Florida hotspot offers year-round fun in the sun. From Spring Break revellers to families, everyone is drawn to the beaches, restaurants and resorts of Clearwater Beach. Situated on beautiful Lake Juliana in central Florida, the historic Clearwaters Beach is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful beaches and scenic views.

Whether you're looking for a unique experience or just a quick getaway from the bustle of Daytona Beach, choose one of Florida's top resorts, Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa. This top resort offers a wide range of amenities including a pool, spa, fitness centre, restaurant and spa.

The venue's accommodation will be a combination of two-, three-, four-, five- and six-bed rooms.

If you're looking for sun and sand, make the Daytona Beach Boardwalk your first stop, but there are also some of the area's most popular attractions, including the boardwalk, Daytona International Airport and Florida International University. Daytona Beach is well worth a visit as it is located right next to the popular shopping and dining districts on the beach.

If you're traveling with children, you should also visit the Daytona Beach Children's Museum, a favorite destination for children and their parents. We called the hotel to see if they were ready to check in early, as our tour would end at 11: 00 in the early morning. If not, we could call back later in the day to see if we were seen at Florida International Airport or at any of the other popular attractions.

Learn more about the Daytona Beach International Hotel and its amenities in our guide to the best hotels in Florida. Check out the latest news and information about hotels, motels and resorts in the Florida Panhandle, including rates, reservations, discounts and more in our Florida Hotels & Resorts Guide.

It offers a beautiful tropical setting for couples in love and you can see everything from the comfort of your home, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

The Perfect Wedding, Florida has become a popular wedding venue and this unique location is absolutely breathtaking. Whether you want a beach wedding or a garden wedding or prefer a beautiful chapel on a private estate, it has the right location for you.

American cities, the highway to Daytona Beach is littered with motels and restaurants that offer affordable accommodations. In the 1960s and 1970s, there were several Holiday Inn Jr. Motels with only 44 - 48 guest rooms in portable accommodations. This property focuses on the economy and offers only a continental breakfast and a gym. If you prefer to drive, Daytona Beach is easily accessible, just a few hours "drive from Orlando, Florida.

Renamed Nickelodeon Suites Resort Orlando in 2005, the hotel opened in 1999 and is called Holiday Inn.

In the 1960s, Holiday Inn began franchising campsites and opened its first hotels and motels in the United States in New York, New Jersey and California. In the 1970s and 1980s, a Holiday Inn hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was also called a Holiday, although the local motel was already called the Holiday Inn. For years Trailways was a subsidiary of Holiday Hotel, a television spot for the Holiday Hotel showed a Trailway bus stopping at a Holiday Inn hotel during operation.

The remainder of Holiday Corporation, including Trailways, Holiday Inns Inc., and Trailway Suites Hotel Group, was spun off to shareholders as Promus Companies on July 1, 1988 and registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. To reflect the company's brands, which included Holiday Inn, Trailways and Trailway Suiting, it was renamed Holiday Corp and all of its brands were renamed holiday Corporation.

Originally known as the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, the Crowned Plaza division was separated from the Holiday Inn to create a distinctive brand.

The Myrtle Beach hotel had made many repeat business and was not adversely affected by the motel chain in the area, the court heard. At the same time, the case against the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, which continues to operate as a holiday home, was reopened, although it must use a distinctly different script.

One of the biggest benefits that tourists and travelers can take from the fact that Daytona Beach is not a prime tourist destination is that it is fairly easy and convenient to find a budget hotel in town. The most popular hotel brand in Florida, the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, is known for 15 hotels under its brand name, including hotels in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Miami Beach, St. Petersburg, Palm Beach and Orlando. There are other worthy names to be mentioned in this context, such as the Grand Hyatt Hotels and Resorts of America, which are located in 66 countries. In addition to the 15 luxury resorts that stand out, Daytona Beach is home to a number of other hotels with a variety of amenities, from restaurants and bars to restaurants, bars and hotels.

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